For Beginners, Know What Are the Basics of Playing Golf Rules

Playing golf is indeed a fun and exciting activity for everyone to feel addicted. In fact, there are many people who deliberately learn to play golf in order to enjoy the game properly. There are many golfing places that you can choose and adjust to your needs and tastes. One that you can choose is phuket golf. There, you can feel playing golf comfortably.

For those of you who have just tried playing golf or for beginners in this game, there are a number of things or rules to play in a golf game that you should know well. Some of the rules for playing golf are meant here

– Golf games consist of 18 holes in each row. To start the game, do one hit which is the first blow to the teeing ground. If there are four people in one game and are divided into two teams, make sure the players in each team hit by alternating using only one ball.

– Unlike the assessment in other sports that judge the most scores. In golf, the fewer players hit before the ball goes into the hole, then the player has the win. Skill in hitting and determining the direction of the ball is crucial in this section.

– To hit the next hole, players can walk to pick up the ball that has entered the hole. Sometimes players can use Caddy services to accompany, help manage equipment and even give advice to players.

– If you are stuck in a situation you can’t hit the ball from any position, you can make a penalty. The trick is to return to the previous position the ball was played last time. You are allowed to lift, clean, and even replace the ball when making a penalty.

Try to always obey the basic rules of playing goals so that you easily understand the various techniques in the next step.

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