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The Macon County Quilt Trail Welcomes You

The Macon County Quilt Trail, headquartered in Franklin, NC is an extension of the Western North Carolina Quilt Trails project. What is the quilt trail? The Quilt Trails project got its start in Ohio when Donna Sue Groves put a quilt block on her barn honoring her mother. From that simple act, the project has grown to cover 24 states and more than 2,000 quilt blocks.

The initiative began in Western North Carolina in 2006 in Madison and Ashe counties when Handmade in America made a grant to them to get the project started. Over 100 quilt blocks are hosted in those two counties alone.

Macon County is part of the Western North Carolina Quilt Trails and the first in far western NC to undertake the project. The Macon County Quilt Trail was started by seed money from the Franklin TDA and the Franklin TDC.

As you travel the countryside around Macon County you'll find a total of 25 quilt squares waiting to be discovered on homes, barns, and businesses.



“The Airing of the Quilts event is being reorganized and will not be held in 2015. “We certainly hope to bring back an even bigger and better Airing event in 2016,” said Deb Heatherly of Deb’s Cat N Quilts.



macon county quilt trail QUILT TRAIL MAP

The Macon County Quilt Trail project map costs $2.00 and is available at Deb's Cats N Quilts at 106 West Palmer Street in Franklin or the Franklin Chamber of Commerce at 425 Porter Street.

macon county north carolina quilt trail

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