Leg Swing And Squat Exercises For Improving Flexibility In Golf

Flexibility is not only needed by gymnasts but also golfers. Whether it’s a beginner in this sport or is already proficient enough, there are times when it is necessary to increase flexibility so the game becomes much better and maximum bangkok golf. The following are some exercises to increase the flexibility of the most recommended golfers. Meanwhile, you may want to check out the best bangkok golf course whenever you’re visiting Thailand during your vacation.

Leg Swing Forward

For this one exercise, you need to do it with the steps below to make it easier to practice and try easily.

Take a standing position where using only one side of the foot but the body must remain balanced.

Swing the other foot that is not stepping on the floor toward the front. Be sure to do it with hip height or swing and do this swing 8 times.

After the leg is swung, alternate with the other leg for you to swing.

Then return to the starting leg position, bring the knee bent at an angle of 90 degrees.

The hips should be kept facing forward while the knees are slightly loosened outwards so that they are parallel to the hips.

Perform the exercise 8 times and do it slowly.

Repeat using the other side of the foot.


In increasing the flexibility of the golfer’s body, it seems that the squat has become a part of the training that cannot be missed. Maybe you know that squats are usually known as exercises for swimmer’s ankles so that their flexibility and strength are maintained or increased. But squats are apparently also useful in making the flexibility of golf players better.

Take a standing position with both feet shoulder width apart.

Bend your legs so that the feet form a square.

Point your hips to the back and squat down with your heels flat on the ground or floor instead of your toes.

Do it 10 times in 1 set and repeat until several sets to feel the benefits.

This exercise is quite simple but very effective because it can activate the gluteus muscle so that when you hit the ball it can be far away.

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