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Host a Square on the Macon County, NC Quilt Trail

The Macon County Quilt Trail invites you to participate in this project by getting your own quilt square.

Choosing Your Quilt Square

Your quilt block should tell a story. The pattern selected for your block might reflect the history of the building it is to be installed on, be part of a family quilt or represent the story of a building's occupants.

Whatever the case, the Macon County Quilt Trail Board of Directors will work with you to select the perfect quilt block as you become part of this very special initiative.

We are revamping our application and will have it posted online very soon.


macon county quilt trail guideQUILT TRAIL GUIDE NOW AVAILABLE

The Macon County Quilt Trail project tour guide contains pictures of blocks, detailed maps to the location of each quilt square installed, GPS coordinates, and the stories behind each of these beautiful and colorful quilt blocks that make up our trail.


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