Simple Ways For Maintaining Your Watches

What is the connection between a magnet and a broken watch? Many people do not understand and underestimate this. However, we have to know the magnetic field generated by electronic goods (generally) will affect the rotation of your watch. It makes your Hamilton watches do not show the clock or time correctly. So never put a clock on an object that has a magnetic field.

If you accidentally put your watch close to electronic items such as televisions, refrigerators, fans, microwaves and others you should start to keep away from these items. If you feel your watch is often inappropriate, maybe this is one of the reasons.

Cover with tissue

If you are a person who easily sweats, especially in the wrist area, it is better to first cover the watch with soft tissue. This is done so that the clock does not directly touch the skin of your hand. Because the salt content in the sweat attached to the watch strap can corrode or rust on your watch. Especially if your watch is made of stainless steel that is prone to rust.

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